Battlefield 2 Full Patch 1.3

Features fixes to the thrilling strategy game

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    Full Patch 1.3

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    Windows XP

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The Battlefield 2 Full Patch makes the Battlefield 2 gameplay experience much more enjoyable by fixing and eliminating the causes of many different bugs found in the Battlefield 2 video game.

When Battlefield 2 shipped, the game was unfortunately slammed by critics and fans alike thanks to the many different and various bugs that were encountered in all different levels and modes of the Battlefield 2 multiplayer, the main mode in the Battlefield series. Many different nuances would obstruct gameplay and make the game virtually unplayable in the multiplayer aspect. Some of these glitches and exploits were fixed with these notes included:

  • Broken or overpowered weapons
  • The ability to boost via the repair kit
  • Various changes made to protect against cheating
  • Additional support for newer versions of Windows
  • Added updates to the BF2 interface

This Battlefield 2 Full Patch ensures you that you will play the game that the creators meant you to play. With the addition of new maps and modes, along with all the various changes and fixes to the menus and gameplay, it is a crucial patch for any BF2 player. You are required to update Battlefield 2 to the most up to date patch in order to play online against other players from all over the world. The Battlefield 2 Full Patch is fully free and comes straight from Electronic Arts themselves, which means that the patch is legitimate and official. Once you download the patch, the patch wizard will start and walk you through all steps necessary in order to make sure that your copy of Battlefield 2 is fully patched with the newest updates.


  • Free update
  • Adds new maps and gametypes
  • Fixes many weapon and user bugs
  • Adds more functionality


  • None, the patch is needed to play Battlefield 2 online

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